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Our Process

A Holistic Planning Process That is Focused on You

Everyone's financial journey is different. The traditional form of Financial planning is broken and we are going to fix it with  our custom process, The Bucket Plan®, we help our clients crystallize their lifetime goals. We believe in educating our clients on the importance of The Money Cycle and Tax Management Journey. We help in solidifying their goals and custom-build their entire financial landscape. Building Blocks Financial planning  Holistic Advisor will ensure their strategies, plans, and professional team are all aligned  and continue to fine tune their Journey:


Our first meeting has a simple agenda, we get to know each other to determine if it’s a good fit for everyone. We take time to learn about you and your personal situation, which includes discussing your concerns and goals for the future. We share information about us and our process and answer all of your questions.

Our goal is to determine if we can establish a relationship with you, so we can help you plan your future.


Next we roll up our sleeves and dig deep into your finances. We take a snapshot of where you are today, what you have, and where you want to go. We start building the blocks to bridge the gaps in the path toward the future.

Our goal is to provide clarity to your financial path.


At this stage, we educate you on the options and strategies that will help you realize your dreams. Building Blocks Financial Planning provides you with a written Bucket Plan tailored to your needs. Then, we begin implementing the solutions we chose to attain your life goals.

Our goal is to solidify and quantify your goals.


We continue the planning process to and through retirement to protect, preserve and manage your assets. Your Bucket Plan is a living document that adjusts as your circumstances and needs change, as well as, any bumps along the way due to tax and economic changes.

Our goal is to keep your strategies up to date to ensure you’ll have the income and protection you need to enjoy your retirement.

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