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Social Security and Medicare

How to maximize your lifetime income by optimizing your Social Security

Deciding which benefits to take and when is among the most important decisions households make. For many people, Social Security is their largest retirement asset. And for most couples, they have many possible filing options, but most will know one or two.

Making the right decisions can increase your Social Security benefits by tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Making these decisions on your own is virtually impossible. Why? Because Social Security is incredibly complex. Social Security benefits are calculated based on thousands of rules and even more complicated rules about those rules.

Building Blocks Financial Planning advanced software, coupled with our strategic social security experts, finds the best strategy to increase lifetime Social Security benefits by exploring:

  • All possible filing strategies
  • All major benefits
  • All major rules and provisions
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Medicare Planning

Client Centered

…… When can I apply for Medicare and supplement coverage?

…… How much will Medicare coverage cost?

…… Will my healthcare rates change throughout retirement?

With so many Medicare and supplement plans available, which one is right for me?

As part of Building Blocks Planning holistic planning approach, we provide education and assistance to individuals becoming eligible for Medicare benefits.

  • Learn your options and feel confident in your Medicare supplement selection 
  • Enrollment into Medicare Parts A&B
  • Education on what clients expect to pay in Part B premiums and all facets of Medicare budgeting and how to minimize cost by understanding IRMAA brackets
  • Education and recommendation of the best Medicare Supplement plan or Advantage plan to enroll in based on budget.
  • A customized Part D Prescription Drug analysis and recommendation.
  • Cost/benefits analysis when comparing original Medicare versus a retiree plan.
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Do You Know These 4 Critical Social Security Facts?

In this ebook, we outline four important Social Security facts that every retiree should know and help you understand your benefits. Download yours today.

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